Bread Basket

fresh breads, olive oil & dukkah


Hand Cut Fries

with Greek Mayo & Oregano (GF, V , VG)
ADD Zany Zeus Feta $2



pumpkin, fried sage & chilli butter (V)


Crispy Squid

herb aioli & lemon


Original Hummus

crispy chickpea, spiced butter V, VGA


Spiced Cauliflower

feta, golden raisin & winter herbs V, VGA


Lamb Loaded Hummus

cashew dukkah, cranberries & mint


Moroccan Soup

root vegetable, lentil, chickpeas, cavolo nero, coriander oil & garlic toast VGA


Fried Halloumi

green apple salad, preserved lemon, herbs & nuts


Middle Eastern Meatballs

tahina, almonds, chilli ghee, cranberries & mint


Ouzo Prawns

garlic, lemon, fennel mayo & barbari bread


Falafel Plate

house made pita, couscous, pickles, tahina & hummus


Grilled Octopus

chorizo, red harissa, crispy potatoes, lemon & fennel mayo GF


Market Fish Skewers

chermoula marinade, lemon, herbs & tahina (GF)



The Mediterranean -
Chefs selection of our favourite mezze dishes with house made
breads, dips, cheeses & pickles


Fish & Chips

citrus salt, grilled lemon, chop salad & tartare


Chicken Schnitzel

fries, gravy & slaw



Quarter $10
Half $18
Whole $34

Our happy, healthy free range chickens are marinated with our own Georgian salt. Served with gravy, Greek mayo & green harissa


200g $20
400g $38

Our organic lamb shoulder is marinated in a Greek herb, garlic & lemon rub and served with jus & smoked yoghurt.


Good for 4 or more

Choose between a whole chicken or lamb shoulder

Your choice of 2 extras, 2 sides & sauces


Side Kicks

Extras $6
Salads & Veg $8

Add the following to create your own meal

Hand cut fries
Potato mash & gravy
Lemon & herb crispy potatoes
Hummus & pita bread

Salad & Veg
Broccoli bowl
Israeli salad
Brussels sprouts
Grilled pumpkin
Welles St chop salad

Broccoli Bowl

chickpea, chilli, garlic, almond & aged cheese V, GF


Israeli Salad

couscous, cauliflower, chickpea, lentils, red onion, herbs, currants & tzatziki V, VGA


Brussels Sprouts

tahina, date, mint, pickled onion, lemon, dukkah V, GF


Grilled Pumpkin

buckwheat, chilli butter & feta V, GF


Welles Street Chop Salad

winter greens, apple, cashew & preserved lemon dressing V, VGF, DF

All served on our house made pita bread


iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki & green chilli harissa



Welles Street slaw, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, fries & feta



turmeric battered fish, iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, herb mayo, lemon & red onion



slaw, spicy relish, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, carrot & mint(V, VGA)


Greek Meatball

red harissa, feta, fries, iceberg, tzatziki & pickles



add feta $2
add falafel $4
add side fries $6

Super Bowl

hummus, chickpea, lentil, broccoli, pumpkin, winter leaves with red onion, lemon & tzatziki GF,VGA
$6 Add chicken / lamb / fish

Frozen Greek yoghurt with:

Turkish delight, cheesecake, berries & rose $10

Pistachio & almond baklava with orange syrup $10

Salted Caramel, chocolate brownie & hazelnut brittle $10



Menu Take Over | Middle Eastern Brunch Feast 

Sunday 25th August  10am – 2pm 

Remember when pomegranate, za’atar and baba ghanoush were considered exotic? Yeah, neither do we.

As purveyors of the city’s best hummus, falafel, souvlakis, and rotisserie meats – Welles Street will be hosting a MENU TAKE OVER on Sunday 25th August.

Touching on both traditional and contemporary interpretations, our chef’s have created a one off-brunch menu that explores Middle Eastern inspired dishes for everyone to share in a family style feast. 

Our food is best enjoyed ‘together’ with family and friends, so book a table to reserve your spot at this one-off event! 
Find out more