Spicy "Beer Nuts"

crispy chickpeas & pepitas (gf, v)


Warm Marinated Olives

chilli, lemon & garlic (gf, v)



with house made bread (v)


Smoked Labneh Dip

golden raisins & house made bread (v)


hand cut fries

feta & oregano (gf, v , va)



tahina sauce, fruit relish, pickled carrot (v)


Baked feta cheese

honey, chilli, almond, barbari bread (v)


Sticky chicken wings

greek mayo, pomegranate (gf)


Spanakopita filo pie

lemon, feta, seasonal greens, smoked yogurt (v)


Crispy squid

Greek mayo


Greek pork sausage

spicy fig chutney, grilled cabbage & green tarator (gf)


Ouzo prawns

garlic, lemon, fennel mayo (gf)


Lamb Loaded Hummus

cashew dukkah, pomegranate, mint, flat bread


Cauliflower Loaded Hummus

smoked labneh, pistachio, date molasses, flat bread (v)


Chicken Schnitzel

gravy, root vegetable slaw, fries, greek mayo


Market Fish

burnt carrot puree, spiced rice, broad bean & feta salsa (gf)


Baked Eggplant

lentils, saffron passata, feta, nuts, seeds & slaw (v, va)


Pork belly

potato mash, green tarator, broccoli & apple salad (gf)

All served with our house made hummus & tabbouleh


cucumber, iceberg, green chilli harissa, Greek yoghurt



Welles St slaw, tzatziki, fries, feta



turmeric battered fish, iceberg, lemon, red onion & Greek mayo



house chutney, tahina slaw, cucumber, mint, Greek yogurt (va)



For a carb free option, have your favourite fillings in a bowl.

Our happy and healthy free range chickens are marinated with our own Georgian salt rub (gf)


Quarter $14
Half $26
Whole $36

Served with hand cut fries, iceberg lettuce and your choice of sauce:
Gravy, Greek Mayo or Green Chili Harissa

Greek Salad

S $6
L $9

cucumber, celery, olives, sundried tomato, feta, za'atar (gf, v)

Mixed Grains

S $6
L $9

grains, lentils, fried onion, herbs, barberries (v)

Welles St Slaw

S $6
L $9

seasonal shredded vegetables, tahina, dukka, mint (gf, v)

Broccoli Bowl

S $6
L $9

charred broccoli, almond, chickpea, halloumi, smoked labneh (gf, v)


S $6
L $9

potato mash, almond, garlic (v)

Hand Cut Fries

S $5
L $10

feta & oregano (gf, va)

Sticky Pudding

pineapple, date, sesame caramel, yogurt


Soft Serve

with your choice of;
honey & oregano
baklava crumble
boozy cherries
gummy bears


Chocolate Mousse

boozy cherries, cultured cream

Monday - Friday from 8am
Weekends from 9am

Southtown Loaf

Daily in house baked bread, toasted with spreads


Fruit & Grains

Granola, greek yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit


Eggs on Toast

Your way

Choice of sides
Halloumi with lemon relish
Thick Bacon slab
Fresh tomato & olive oil
$5 each


Lox & Labneh Bagel

Za'tar cured salmon, smoked labneh, cucumber & lemon herb caper salad


Baghdad eggs

hummus, labneh, harissa, eggs, falafel, flatbread


Sweetie Darling

Our very own freshly baked goods - ask for todays selection


the breakfast souvlaki

scrambled eggs, feta, hummus, greens, tzatziki, red onion

Kids Menu

Fish & Chips with Ketchup
Chicken & Veggies