House Made Bread

hummus, tzatziki & baba ganoush


Spiced Cauliflower Hummus

feta, golden raisin & winter herbs & pita bread V, VGA


Lamb Loaded Hummus

cashew dukkah, cranberries & mint & pita bread


Hand Cut Fries

Greek Mayo GF, V , VGA
ADD Zany Zeus Feta $2


Fried Halloumi

burnt honey, rosemary, chilli, dukkah & lemon GF, V


Crispy Squid

green harissa mayo


Turmeric Fish Bites

tzatziki, lemon


Mediterranean Meatballs

tomato passata, feta & mint


Fried Chicken Wings

spiced yoghurt & pickles GF


House Made Falafel

spiced cauliflower with tahini, soaked raisins, almonds parsley GF, V, VGA


Ouzo Prawns

garlic, lemon fennel mayo & barbari bread GFA


Middle Eastern Nachos

lamb, pomegranate, mint, feta & garlic tahini sauce


Grilled Octopus

red harissa, crispy potatoes, lemon & fennel mayo GF


Market Fish Kebabs

chermoula marinade, lemon, herbs & tahina GF


Chicken Schnitzel

fries, gravy & slaw



Quarter $10
Half $18
Whole $34

Our happy, healthy free range chickens are marinated in our own Georgian salt. Served with gravy, Greek mayo & green harissa


200g $16
400g $32

Greek style & chargrilled to finish, served with tzatziki, lemon & jus


200g $20
400g $38

Our Canterbury lamb is marinated in a Greek herb, garlic & lemon rub and served with jus & smoked yoghurt.


Feeds 4 or more
Choose between a whole chicken or 400g lamb or pork
Your choice of 4 sides kicks


Side Kicks

Broccoli bowl
Grain salad
Patatas bravas
Chermoula roast carrots
Welles Street chop salad
Hand cut fries $6 SML / $10 LRG

Sides $8

Hand Cut Fries

SML $6
LRG $10

Greek Mayo GF, V, VGA

Broccoli Bowl

chickpea, chilli, garlic, almond & aged cheese GF, V, VGA


Green Beans & Feta

grains, cucumber, nigella & fresh herbs V


Patatas Bravas

crispy potatoes, red harissa, Greek mayo GF, V


Chermoula Roast Carrots

smoked yoghurt, sumac onions, cashew dukkah GF, V, VGA


Welles Street Chop Salad

cos lettuce, radish. tomato, celery, pumpkin seed, vinaigrette GF, V, VGA

All served on our house made pita bread. Greek style & chargrilled to finsh, served with tzatziki, harissa, lemon & jus


iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki & green chilli harissa



Welles Street slaw, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, fries & feta



hummus, tabbouleh. tomato salsa, feta, tzatziki



turmeric battered fish, iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, herb mayo, lemon & red onion



slaw, spicy relish, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, carrot & mint V, VGA



add feta $2
add tomato $2
add falafel $4
add side fries $6

Super Bowl

hummus, grilled broccoli, green bean herb & chickpea, harissa GF, V, VGA, DF
$6 Add chicken / lamb / fish

Frozen Greek yoghurt with:

white chocolate, berries, pistachio & rose $10

Turkish apple crumble, honey, baklava & compote $10

Salted Caramel, chocolate brownie & hazelnut brittle $10



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