Beer Nuts

crispy roast peanuts (gf, v, vg)


Marinated Olives

spicy red harissa (gf, v,vg)


Beetroot hummus

with house made bread (v, vga)


Smoked Yoghurt Dip

golden raisins & house bread (v)


Hand cut fries

feta & oregano (gf, v , vga)


Halloumi Fries

pomegranate, Greek mayo & mint (v)



roast pepper, tomato, feta, mint & date (v,vga)



tahina sauce, fruit relish, pickled carrot (gf,v,vga)


Baked feta cheese

honey, chilli, almond, barbari bread (v)


Crispy squid

Greek mayo


Greek Meatballs

charred tomato passta, tzatziki & garlic bread


Ouzo prawns

garlic, lemon, fennel mayo & barbari bread


Lamb Loaded Hummus

cashew dukkah, pomegranate, mint, flat bread


Fried chicken wings

red harissa, tzatziki & pickled cucumber



Available 4pm - 6pm
selection of our favourite mezze - za'atar salmon, hummus, olives, feta, pickled vegetables, relish & breads


Chicken Schnitzel

gravy, slaw, Greek mayo & fries


Roast carrot & grain salad

falafel, fennel, beetroot, orange, nuts, harissa & tahini sauce (gf, v, vga)


Grilled pork skewer

new potato salad, marinated peppers, burnt onion crema & salsa verde (gf)


Market Fish

Israeli couscous, roast tomato, preserved lemon & red pepper harissa

All served wrapped in our house-made pita bread


Iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki & green chilli harissa



Welles St slaw, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, fries & feta



turmeric battered fish, iceberg, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, lemon & red onion



tahina slaw, spicy relish, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki, carrot & mint



For a carb free option, have your favourite fillings in a bowl.

Our happy and healthy free range chickens are marinated with our own Georgian salt rub (gf)


Quarter $14
Half $26
Whole $38

Served with hand cut fries, slaw & your choice of sauce:
Gravy, Greek Mayo or Green Chili Harissa

Greek Salad

S $6
L $10

cucumber, celery, olives, sundried tomato, feta, oregano (gf, v, vga)

Israeli couscous

S $6
L $10

roasted tomatoes, peppers, cucumber & preserved lemon dressing

Welles St Slaw

S $6
L $10

seasonal vegetables, tahina, dukkah, mint (gf, v,vga)

Broccoli Bowl

S $6
L $10

charred broccoli, almond, chickpea, halloumi, smoked labneh (gf, v)

New potato salad

S $6
L $10

salsa verde & burnt onion crema
(gf, v)

Hand Cut Fries

S $6
L $10

feta & oregano (gf, v, vga)

Eggs your way

Poached, fried or scrambled

Choice of sides - $5 each
- Bacon
- Avocado & pea smash
- Mushroom
- Hash brown
- Baked beans
- Halloumi


Salmon Bagel

cream cheese, cucumber, lemon, herbs
& capers


French Toast

baklava crumble , apple & Greek frozen yogurt


Mince on toast

fried eggs, sage, labne & fried bread



baked eggs, tomato braised white beans, dukkah, yogurt & pita


Welles St Breakfast

eggs, baked beans, avocado & pea
smash, feta, hash brown, mushrooms on toast with choice
of bacon or falafel


Kids Menu

Available Everyday

Fish & Chips with Ketchup
Grilled Chicken With Veggies