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Located in the back streets of South Town - an emerging new neighbourhood of the CBD, Welles Street, simply named after its location, casually celebrates and embraces drinking, eating, and general good times.

Focusing on the foundations of a great inner city local, inspired by our favourite beer halls and pubs, Welles Street offers lunch, dinner and 18 beers on tap. 

Whether you're looking to catch the live game, a local band or to spend time with family and catch up with friends - come as you are. 

Welcome to Welles Street. 



Round up a politico, geographer, pop-culture queen, music legend, science buff and a history nerd in a trivial pursuit for glory at Welles Street.

Our first big event back for the year (now that we are allowed!) and we are kicking it off with a cracker of high-stakes trivia to entertain you through the cooler months!

Its time for us to bust out the crockpot for you to get acquainted with some of the best parts of winter: mulled wine and cheese fondue!

So, rug up to brave the cold, gather a team, grab a mug of hot wine, don your ugliest winter jumper and book a table for Tuesday 7th July.

Happy hour kicks off at 5pm!