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Located in the back streets of South Town - an emerging new neighbourhood of the CBD, Welles Street, simply named after its location, casually celebrates and embraces drinking, eating, and general good times.

Focusing on the foundations of a great inner city local, inspired by our favourite beer halls and pubs, Welles Street offers lunch, dinner and 18 beers on tap. 

Whether you're looking to catch the live game, a local band or to spend time with family and catch up with friends - come as you are. 

Welcome to Welles Street. 

Everyone likes a bargain.<br />
Especially when it’s over the bar!

Everyone likes a bargain.
Especially when it’s over the bar!

But, if you can’t stand that cliché “every hour is happy hour”, we feel you. We like our beer cold, affordable and at a great venue. 

So, on offer will be our house beers, wines and margaritas for $5 at 5pm, every god damn weekday throughout November.

Get your work mates together for 5pm knockoffs