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As of Tuesday 19th October, Welles Street Pub will close its doors to the public until further notice. 

Located in the back streets of South Town - an emerging new neighbourhood of the CBD, Welles Street, simply named after its location, casually celebrates and embraces drinking, eating, and general good times.

Focusing on the foundations of a great inner city local, inspired by our favourite beer halls and pubs, Welles Street offers lunch, dinner and 18 beers on tap. 

Whether you're looking to catch the live game, a local band or to spend time with family and catch up with friends - come as you are. 

Welcome to Welles Street. 

View our Covid-19 Response here

As of Tuesday 19th October, Welles Street Pub will close its doors to the public until further notice.

By its very nature, the future is hard to predict, but we are all aware how the government-imposed lockdowns followed by the current guidelines and restrictions are impacting the hospitality industry around the country which has led us to make the tough yet prudent decision to close the venue for the time being whilst we navigate and negotiate our way through the pandemic which has throttled our industry.

Welles Street is what it is today because of its people, and I am simply in awe of our team's passion and strength, especially over the last few weeks. Behind the scenes, we have been doing everything we can to get the business in the best possible position to operate and rebuild however it has proven unfeasible to continue in the current climate as over the past 18 months, we have endured lockdowns, prolonged CBD rebuilds, closed borders, severe staffing shortages and working visa issues.

Like all of my hospo mates around the world, Covid closed our doors, it’s been something we’ve tried to delay for as long as we could. The space was really important to a lot of people. We’ve been so lucky to have so many amazing customers who I trust will remain loyal to us across our other local ventures.

Those who have reservations or vouchers will be contacted with solutions offered as the overarching business lives on as does my commitment to Christchurch hospitality scene. The industry will rejuvenate.

It brings an end to nearly a 5-year run for the popular craft beer bar that helped accelerate the city’s modern pub culture and our journey doesn’t stop here. And while these may be uncertain times, they need to be a time of understanding, tolerance, and positivity for our industry, and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

See you round the block